New Project : Amended Empire Waist Dress with Modified Sleeves

1. A-Line Empire Waist Dress with Pleated Sleeves

Draft: This dress comes with empire waist and pleated sleeves. It will be shorter and more fitting compared to the previous empire waist dress although the draft pattern is the same.

Fabric used: Fantasy Charmeuse Satin, Apple.


Reduced the waist length by 1.5cm for both front and back bodices so that the waistline will be more prominent. The total length also shorten by 5cm.

Front Bodice:

Back Bodice:

Pleated Sleeves:

a. Draft an original sleeves with extension of 6cm down the biceps.

b. Slash the centre line of the sleeve.

c. Spread each side 4cm at the hem and 6cm at the cap from centre line. Add 1.5cm to the cap.

d. Smooth out the curve at the cap.

e. At the hem line, draw five pleats with 2cm in width and, 3cm apart and 5cm in height for the inner 3 pleats and 4cm in height for the two outer pleats.

f. Draw a 4cm wide sleeves band.

2. Flared Dress with Bell Sleeves

A variation of the empire waist dress. Instead of A-line, it will be altered to something flarer. This can be done by slitting and spreading the hems. Will try this tonight as I have selected a mixture of chiffon and cotton fabrics to be used for this project.


Fabric used:  Cotton Spandex Stretch, Hyacinth, 122cm


How to draft Bell Sleeves:

a. Original sleeves with an extension of 6cm down the biceps.

b. Draw vertical lines (3 on each sides) with 3cm apart measuring from centre line of the sleeves.

c. Slash the lines and rotate the 2 centre segments each 1cm from the centre line.

d. The following segments will be rotated 3cm apart from the segments.

d. Stick it on another tracing paper, smooth out the edge of the hem line as well the cap.

Chiffon will be used for the sleeves as well as the lower bodices, that mean it will be of double layers. The rest of the parts will be in cotton.

Looking at the sleeves, it may somehow seems too short, might extend the length to reach the elbow.